27 December 2012

365 Sleepy Days - Preamble Ramble

I really wanted to push myself to do a 365 day challenge this year. As much as I love crafty things, I knew I wouldn't be able to make something each and every day, not with working, planning a wedding, friends, and all the other bits of life that come around.

I thought about doing a photography challenge - but with just a cruddy iPhone camera at my disposal it would have to be subject-centric, not quality- or skill-centric. This leaves me with either a random thing each day, some kind of scavenger hunt, self-portraits, my fiance, or my cat. And I think the only other person that would enjoy 365 days of Inertia kitty pictures would be my mom (and my instagram pretty much covers that anyway).

This brings me to the next step - I've had a problem with outfit posts on my main blog. I don't usually wear makeup to work. Sometimes I just put my hair up and I think it looks less than fabulous, and even if my outfit is outstanding... I'm just not confident enough to put up 'naked' face pictures of myself. Even at a distance, and even with my advanced photo-editing skills.

In my eyes, my face is full of red spots (adult acne and healed specks that don't seem to fade) that can't always be distinguished from my freckles against my paler-than-pale skin. My eyebrows are too sparse for my taste and my hair is always a mess unless I put a lot of care into it. And then it still gets all mussied up.

This FINALLY brings me to my challenge decision:
Everyday, for 365 days, I will take a self-portrait first thing in the morning. No makeup unless I forgot to wash it off, no brush, no mirror, no digital retouching (none. Ah!).

The goal:
Who cares if my skin is spotty? Who cares if my hair is seriously fuckeredup? I've still got some fun ideas to show off! I've never wanted to be a model, I just like to share my fun style. I need to get past my insecurity issues :)

This is a bit nerve-wracking for me. Oh boy, what have I gotten myself into? See you January first!


  1. This is such a cool idea, nothing like a challange xxx

  2. This is such an original idea! I'm so intrigued :) And it's so brave.

  3. This is such a great idea!And well said it all that you said!